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If you haven’t had any survey invitations for 3-4 weeks despite having your survey frequency set to ‘As often as possible’ this is perfectly normal and a new survey will be available soon (keep reading for how this works). If you haven’t heard from us for a few months please skip to the last paragraph for further details.


Many of our panellists want surveys as often as possible (we’re happy you do) however, as not everyone has the same preference you can determine your own survey frequency in your account under 'Personal details'. You can change this at any time!

While we will always try our best to respect the preference you’ve set we're unable to guarantee the number of surveys that you will be invited to in any given timeframe. The number – and topics – of surveys we send you will fluctuate depending on how many research projects we are running on a given day, and most importantly on our randomised and representative sampling method. This method also means we can’t send you more surveys or surveys on specific topics manually.


If you’re still concerned about not having heard from YouGov for a while make sure that you haven't accidentally marked any emails from us as spam (some email domains might do this automatically). If this isn’t the case it's possible that you have failed one of our regular, automated data quality checks. We take the quality of our data extremely seriously, and if we detect patterns of responses that suggest inattention or inconsistency, we may pause your account.

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