YouGov Flexi E-Gift Voucher

At YouGov, we ensure that you receive the rewards you earned by participating in our surveys. Here's some information to help you better understand the available Flexi E-Gift Voucher.

The YouGov Flexi E-Gift Card is an electronic gift card that lets you choose where you'd like to shop in Australia. With a YouGov Flexi E-Gift Card, you get to choose at which shop you’d like to make a purchase!

What's more, you may be able to split your YouGov Flexi E-Gift Card and spend it at different shops. For example, if you have a $50 YouGov Flexi E-Gift Card, you could choose to split it up into a $30 Myer E-Gift Card and a $20 iTunes E-Gift Card.

There are 2 options available for redeeming the YouGov Flexi E-Gift Card:

  • 5000 YouGov points which is equal to $20 AUD.
  • 10000 YouGov points which is equal to $50 AUD.

Both redemptions can be made on your account page when you've reached the minimum of 500 points. The YouGov Flexi E-Gift Voucher will be delivered to your email address within 2 weeks after the redemption request has been received. Your card will be delivered to your email and it works on on both your computer and mobile devices, Just open de gift card and select where you'd like to spend it. You can spend your eGift Card by purchasing goods in the merchants/donations as detailed below:mceclip0.png


Initially, your Flexi E-Gift Card will have a long validity period, typically 3 years, in some cases your E-Gift Card might have validity as short as 6 months. Check the expiry date shown on the main Flexi E-Gift Card page. This means is that the expiry date of your Flexi eGift Card can change depending on the selections you make. For example, after selecting this iTunes eGift Card shown below, you would have 6 months to activate it before it expired, not the original 3 years of the Flexi E-Gift Card.


You can contact us here for any inquiries regarding how to redeem your points to the YouGov Flexi E-Gift Card or any status of your YouGov Flexi E-Gift Card. For any further details and step on how to use YouGov E-Gift Card, please visit Gift Pay. We hope this helps!

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