How to redeem your points

At YouGov, we ensure that you receive the rewards you earned by participating in our surveys. Here is a brief explanation of the rewards that are available to you after you earn enough points.

1. You must be logged in to redeem your points. You can log in directly on this link, if you are already logged in you can click on “Home”. If you have just completed a survey, you will automatically be taken to this page


2. Then scroll down and you will find a “Rewards” section and you can also find your total points here. To continue to the available rewards, click on “Explore”.


3. You need a minimum of 5000 points to redeem your points. If you have obtained enough points, this will be immediately visible on your account page.


4. On the Rewards page you will see an overview of the possible options and how many points you need for each amount. You will also find more information about the reward and how long it will take us to process your reward. In case you don't have enough points yet, the amounts will be highlighted in gray as in the following example:


If you do have enough points, the amounts will be highlighted in colour as in the following example:


You will now be able to select your preferred option and proceed to the redemption.

Thank you!


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