Redeeming your points for cash

Once you’ve earnt enough points you can redeem them for a bank transfer. When you redeem your points for cash, the money is sent the next working day and barring any issues it will be in your account that same day. 


To redeem your points you need to log in to your account, follow the steps below for how to redeem your points.

1. On the home page after you’ve logged in you will see the option to choose a reward and a button titled “Redeem now”. It will look like this:


Please click on “Redeem now”.

2. Once you’ve clicked on “Redeem now” you will be taken to the rewards page where you will need to select the rewards option. 

3. When you’ve selected your rewards option you need to click the red “Redeem” button. 


4. Next, you’ll be prompted to fill out your personal details. To make sure you can successfully submit your details please avoid quotation marks such as (" or @) while entering your address in the redemption form.


5. Now you need to fill in your bank details. You will need your sort code and the account number. The sort code should be entered as “000000” if you enter it as “00-00-00” the format won’t be accepted and you would not be able to proceed further.

Don’t forget to tick the box I accept responsibility for the details entered. Once filled in it should look like this:



6. The only thing left to do is clicking the “Submit” button and you’ll get a confirmation that we’ve received it: 


You’re all done!


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