How does YouGov Finance work?

YouGov Finance Limited is acting as an agent of TrueLayer, who is providing the regulated Account  Information Service, and is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 and the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (Firm Reference Number: 901096).

YouGov Finance uses Open Banking to collect transaction data which is processed to uncover market insights and analyse consumer behaviour. You can learn more about Open Banking and how it works here.

To become a member, you will need to link your online active bank, savings or credit card accounts to the YouGov Finance platform.

If you don't use online banking, you will need to contact your financial services provider below to start, before signing up to YouGov Finance. Below is a list of the providers that we are able to connect with.

American Express 

HSBC Business 

Royal Bank of Scotland Bankline 

Bank of Scotland 



Bank of Scotland Business 

Lloyds Business 



Lloyds Commercial 

Tesco Bank 


M&S Bank 


Barclays Business 



Capital One 


Ulster Bank 

Chelsea Building Society 


Ulster Bankline 

Danske Bank 


Virgin Money 

first direct 

NatWest Bankline 




Yorkshire Building Society 


Royal Bank of Scotland 


Also, here are a few points you must consider if you would like to connect your account:

  • You can connect a maximum of 10 bank accounts (including current accounts, credit cards and savings accounts) to YouGov Finance.
  • If you want to add a new account while having 10 already connected, you must first disconnect an account.
  • The same bank account cannot be connected multiple times.
  • You will earn 500 points for connecting a current account or active credit card, while you will earn 100 points for connecting a savings account.
  • Every 3 months, you must renew your consent to connect an account to YouGov Finance. Renewal of consent for a connected account will reward you with the same number of points as earned when you first connected the account.
  • Only GBP (British Pound Sterling) accounts are eligible to connect.  
  • Each connected bank account must have a minimum number of transactions.
  • Each connected bank account must be at least one month old.
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