Redeeming your points for cash

Once you’ve earnt you 5000 points you can redeem them for INR 3,600 credit in your PayTM account.. After having redeemed your points in can take up to 30 business days to receive your credit. 

Before redeeming your points, please keep the following in mind to ensure you receive your reward as quick as possible!

- Please register an account with PayTM before redeeming. If you do not have a PayTM account yet please go to

- Please make sure that your PayTM account is active and that you have completed the KYC process. PayTM has resumed KYC approval from January 2019 and this is required for you to be able to receive your funds. For more information on how to do this please go to PayTM's guide.


1. To redeem your points you need to log in to your account page and follow the following steps to submit your details in order to receive your PayTM credit.

2. On the account page after you’ve logged in you will see your points balance, once you have acquired the necessary 5,000 points you can see an extra notification on the account page. You can click the rewards section to be shown the different rewards options. At this page the option will show in colour if you have reached 5000 points. Please select the PayTM option to proceed.



3. Once you have selected the PayTM option some additional will appear. Click "redeem" to proceed. Please note that this button will only appear in red and be clickable if you have sufficient points.




4. In the form you will be able to fill out your personal details. Please make sure you are entering the correct phone number in the correct format. There should be ten digits without the country code. Please also tick the box to accept responsibility for details entered, and click "redeem" to finish up redeeming your points!



5. Once you have submitted the form you have successfully redeemed your points. Please allow 30 business days for your credit to arrive.



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