YouGov Pulse App Setup Guide

Welcome to Pulse! This is your guide to set up YouGov Pulse on your Android mobile device. In this guide, we will take you through the setup process, step by step, to make it as easy as possible. Keep in mind that you will now find Pulse within the main YouGov App, and the old YouGov Pulse App will not work if you've received this invitation.

Note: This setup guide is only for Android. Go to this guide to setup Pulse on PC, or this one for Mac.

To set up Pulse, you will need to have the official YouGov Android app installed. If you do not already have it installed and are not prompted during the Pulse installation process, you can download it here:


Installation Guide

Let us begin the step-by-step guide.

After completing your introductory survey, you will be taken back to the YouGov app’s home screen, where you will see a new widget at the top. It will look like this:


When you land on the screen above, click Start to begin the installation process.


2. You will then land on the welcome screen, as seen above. Click Get started here to begin the Pulse setup and Virtual Private Network (VPN) installation. A VPN is technology that allows the Pulse app to monitor internet traffic on your phone, and it is required for Pulse to work as intended.

3. You will arrive at the screen below, where you will be prompted to install the VPN. Click Continue on this screen:


4. Clicking continue will open a screen (see below) saying that you should only allow the setup of a VPN if you trust the source (YouGov). Select OK to continue the installation process.


5. You’re now about to install the VPN Certificate. After you’ve read the information on your screen (as seen below), click continue at the bottom of the page.


6. It’s time to name your certificate! You can leave the certificate name as the default and just tap OK to proceed or give it a fun name that you will easily remember.


7. A new screen will then open, and you will see a small widget saying “YouGov Pulse is installed” on this page. What you now need to do is set up the access permissions for Pulse. This can sound daunting, but we promise it’s very simple. The screen you’re on will look like this:


8. After you click Continue, you will be taken to the Accessibility menu/screen on your device. On this menu, will need to locate the YouGov App and its accessibility settings on your device. The accessibility menu can look different depending on your device, with the picture below being one example:


9. When you find the YouGov app in accessibility menu (as seen below), simply click on the page and enable the Accessibility Service.


10. When you turn on the Accessibility Service, a screen might appear explaining what YouGov Pulse wants permission for. Click OK here to continue. (Some devices might skip this step and take you directly to step 11 or 12).


11. You will now see a screen where the accessibility has been turned on, as per the image below (some devices might skip this step and take you directly to step 12).


12. Congratulations! You’ve completed the installation of YouGov Pulse.



The only thing you need to do now is keeping it running to earn your points! 

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