New Pulse App FAQ

Note: this FAQ is for the new Pulse Android app. If you were invited to join Pulse before January 2020 or are looking for instructions for PC or Mac desktop pleases refer to this Pulse FAQ

What is YouGov Pulse?

YouGov Pulse is a way of earning more points as a panellist. We invite our panellists to participate in the same way that we identify people for research projects. YouGov Pulse is an application you download and install onto your desktop, tablet or mobile device. The Pulse app tracks your internet, app and media player usage to give a picture of how real people use the internet. 

What types of data are collected?

YouGov Pulse is a project to help us understand how people use the internet, apps and media players.  Should you participate in YouGov Pulse, we will ask you to download an app that collects information about –

  • Your browsing activity: the browsers you use, what websites you visit (and when you visited them and for how long), and any search terms you enter into search engines.
  • Your use of apps: the apps you use, when you use them and for how long.
  • Your use of media players: which media players you use, and what you watch (and when, and for how long).
  • The ads you are exposed to when you browse websites and use apps.

In addition to the above, the app will also collect online identifiers, such as your IP address, and information about the devices and operating systems you use.

We do not collect any data that you input into secure forms whilst browsing (such as usernames, passwords or online transactions). 

How do you use the information?

We use the information collected by YouGov Pulse in the same way that we use your responses to the surveys you complete – to provide insights to our clients, and specifically about how people use the internet, apps and media players.

Do you share YouGov Pulse data with your clients?

Unless you give your consent for us to share information in an identifiable form (for which you’ll be specifically asked to give), we will only share your YouGov Pulse data in an anonymous form with our clients.  This means that they will not be able to identify you from the information they receive from us.

Downloading and installing YouGov Pulse

How can I install the application?

Once you have finished the invitation survey you will be prompted to install YouGov Pulse from your YouGov app. You will be able to find more details installation instructions here.

I have installed YouGov Pulse, what now?

Once you have successfully installed YouGov Pulse, it will work by running in the background while you use the internet as normal. You do not take any additional steps to participate, other than using your device as you are used to!

Using YouGov Pulse

Will the application impact battery life?

The app can have a small effect on your battery life but should not drain your battery. You can check your battery usage in your settings:

  • On Android go to Settings > Battery (on some devices go to Settings > Device/Power > Battery)
  • On iPhone go to Settings > Battery

Can I use YouGov Pulse on another device?

Your installation link will be emailed to you once you have completed the invitation survey. This link is unique for and you will be able to use this link to install YouGov Pulse on a maximum of 3 devices in total. If you can no longer locate your unique installation link, please contact our Support team.

How do I pause the app?

You will be able to pause the app for a short period of time without it affecting your participation and points. 

Once you click on the “manage” option within Pulse menu of your YouGov app, you can select to pause button and a timer will appear that allows you to select the amount of time you would like to pause the app for.

The app will stop collecting data when it is paused. While Pulse is paused, it will show as inactive in your main screen until the time you selected has passed.

Opting out of YouGov Pulse

Can I opt-out of YouGov Pulse?

Yes. You can pause the app for a short period of time without it affecting your participation in YouGov Pulse.

If you would like to opt-out of YouGov Pulse completely, you will need to uninstall the app.

You’ll find instructions for both pausing and uninstalling below, and can contact if you would like us to delete your data.

How do I uninstall the app?

To uninstall the YouGov app, uninstall the application from your application manager (or equivalent) settings or delete the app through the Google Play store. To disable YouGov Pulse within your YouGov app please click the “manage” option within the main screen and select the “deactivate” option. You will then be asked to confirm.

The app will stop collecting data and your local profile will be removed. Please note it can take up to 15 minutes for the account to be fully removed and turned off.

Note: You will need to manually remove the VPN Certificate and Accessibility Service from your phone. Neither of these affects your phone or its performance once the app is uninstalled but they are not removed automatically as a part of the uninstallation process.

Deactivating Pulse is permanent, and we currently do not support reinstallation; please be aware that by uninstalling you are opting out of the Pulse program. 


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