Redeeming your points for a reward

Once you’ve earnt enough points you can redeem your points for a reward. The number of points needed will vary depending on the reward and the panel you’re part of. In order to see your rewards options login to your account and navigate to ‘Rewards’ where you will see all your options. Items in red means you have enough points to redeem this reward while greyed out items means you need a few more points.


Before you redeem your points it’s worth knowing that only active account can cash out their reward. If you haven’t been active for a while you should get the option to reactivate your account when you log in. If you’re unsure of your account status or can’t find out how to reactivate your account you can always contact us.


For help with how to redeem your points please see below for you Panel’s “How to redeem” guide.

Cash redemption

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