Error message when redeeming my points for cash

If you are unable to process your redemption due to the submit button not being highlighted, please make sure all these steps have been followed:

  • All fields are filled in, including your street, city, and state) and they are filled in accurately.
  • Try and use a bank that is well known, as our vendor may not support smaller banks.
  • Refresh your page or try later, with an alternative browser/device.

If an error appears regarding your date of birth, please check these points below:

  • Please ensure you are entering your date of birth with hyphens between your year, month, and day and not any other special character such as (.or/or,)
  • When entering the year, you were born, write the whole year not just the end two numbers (2021 not 21)
  • Make sure that you are entering your details as year first then the month, then day following the format yyyy-mm-dd.

If you are having trouble regarding your Branch ID, please use the following points as help:

  • Please enter your 9-digit routing number.
  • To locate your routing number, you can simply look at one of your checks. You'll notice that the bottom of your check has three sets of numbers. The first set is the routing number, which is found on the bottom left side.
  • Ensure that you have not entered any spaces before or after your routing number.
  • Double check that you have not entered any special characters in the Branch ID field (- or .)

If you receive the error message “Oops, something went wrong” please check over your connection as this often appears due to temporary connection issues. To do this, please try to redeem from a different browser/device or attempt to redeem via our YouGov app. If the issue persists, please do contact us here and we will be happy to help. To allow us to solve your issue as quickly as possible, please send in a screenshot of your error and title the message in the subject line “Persistent oops message”.

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