How to update your YouGov Pulse app on Mac

If you are using YouGov Pulse on a Mac device and need to update the app to the latest version, this is guide will help you go through the required steps.

For any general questions about what Pulse is/how it works please see our FAQ here.

To update your YouGov Pulse you have to uninstall the app from your device by removing the application from your device. You can then use your unique installation link to download the new version of the YouGov Pulse app. If you are unable to find your installation link please contact us here and we can send you the link.

Uninstallation Process

1. Locate the YouGov Pulse icon in you device's dock. If the app is not already present in the dock, find the YouGov Pulse icon in the top bar. You can then click it and select "Toggle Dock Icon".

2. Right click the doc icon and hold the alt (or option) key until the "Force Quit" option appears instead of the "Quit" option.

3. Please now open your applications folder and find the YouGov Pulse icon and drag this to the trash.

4. If you empty your trash folder, you have successfully removed the application from your device. 

5. You might still see the browser extension active in your browser, this should disappear when you restart the browser as remove the YouGov Pulse application will also remove the browser extensions. 

6. You are now ready to install the new version of the app!

Installation Process

For the next step you will need your unique installation link. If you were asked to update your YouGov Pulse app in a survey, you will have been given your link again. Should you have missed this, the link is the same link you received when you were first invited. You will have received an email titled "Your YouGov Pulse Installation Link" this will have come from If you are still struggling we can provide you with your link if you contact us here.

Now that you know where to find your link let's begin the step by step guide!

1. Click on "Install link" in the email or "install URL" in the survey to start downloading the software. The download should appear at the bottom of your browser. Click the small arrow for options and either select "Open" or "Run" (depending on your browser, this might look slightly different).  


2. Once the application has downloaded, you will see the following screen. You will need to drag the YG Pulse icon into your Applications folder.


Now, open the Application folder and find YouGov Pulse. Please click the icon to open the application and move on to the next step.


Click “Open” when presented with the following message


3. Enter the email address you provided earlier in the invitation survey and click “Register”.


4. Read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and once your ready click “Accept” to proceed.



5. You will now have to add the browser extension to your preferred browser. You will be able to install this extension on Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Please move to step 6 for Firefox and step 7 if Chrome is your preferred browser. Please click Open Preferences.


You will now see the below screen showing you information about the browser extension.


Please tick the box as shown below to enable the extension. Once you have done you can click Next in the installation steps and move to step 8 in this guide. 


6. Now we will be installing the Firefox extension. Please click Next to open Firefox at the installation page (if you only wish to use Chrome please click Next two times and skip to step 6 in this guide). Please move to step 8 if you only wish to use the Safari extension.


Now, this should have automatically opened Firefox browser extension. 

Click on "Continue to Installation". It will install quickly and then a new bubble will come up asking "Add YouGov Pulse?". Select "Add".


Once you've done that you get a notification bubble in the right corner saying "YouGov Pulse has been added to Firefox". Hit "Okay, Got It" and you're all set with your Firefox extension. Once it is installed and enabled, you will see the YouGov Pulse icon to the right of the URL bar. You can now move on to step 8.


7. We'll start by installing the Chrome extension (if you only wish to use Firefox or Safari please continue to step 7). Please click Next to open Chrome at the installation page.


Now you should be in the Chrome web store. It should look like this:

9.JPG Click on "Add to Chrome" and you should get another pop-up asking for your consent.


Click on "Add extension". Once you've done that you get a notification bubble in the corner saying "YouGov Pulse has been added to Chrome".


8. Congratulations! You’ve finished the installation of the new version YouGov Pulse.  All you need to do now is leave the application running in the background as well as leaving the extension enabled and you will continue earning points.



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