Logging in with a code

When accessing YouGov from our website, you no longer need a password! Instead of asking you to enter a password, you just have to enter your email address and we will send a code to your email when you need to access your account. It can be used on any device, regardless of where you log in to your email.

It's one less password to remember and it adds security to your account!

The code is valid for 10 minutes and can only be used once, in case you encounter any problems the easiest way to solve it is to try logging in again by requesting a new code.

If you receive the message 'Please check your email to complete your login' when logging in, but you did not receive a verification email, you might be trying to enter via the wrong website. Please make sure you are on the correct website for your country. 

US website: https://account.yougov.com/us-en/login/email

UK website: https://account.yougov.com/gb-en/login/email

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